The Puppies

Colette & Fame's Litter
Born: February 10, 2007

Colette was bred to Ch. DieuDonne Impryrial Acclaim,
known to his many admirers as Fame.


Fame is a beautiful dog and a wonderful ambassador of our breed. He is the only Pyr to have won the working group at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. He has also won the Great Pyrenees National Specialty. Kyle Simmon and Paula Midgorden of DieuDonne Great Pyrenees own him. Fame now makes his home with them in Iowa. Karen Justin of Impryial Great Pyrenees bred him.

Collette &
Andre   Felix   William   Vincent   Remi   Anthony (aka Tony)   Ella

Collette & Tony


Photo by Carol Beuchat





Colette & Pneuma's Litter
Born: December 2, 2005

Gatian   Theo   Adele   Lucie   Nicholas
(Photo taken February 5, 2006)

You may wonder:
This naming of things is important to me. When Colette’s first litter arrived I struggled with how to name the puppies. My friend Danielle told me that it was the custom in France to give each child a Saint’s name. Danielle gave me a French postmen’s calendar with the saints listed according to their feast day. The puppies were born during the season of Advent so I named them after Advent Saints. I had fun doing it and oddly enough, all the names stuck with the exception of Frank calling Theo, Pierre. I told Frank he could call them all Pierre if he’ll finish them that quickly.

So this naming of things becomes a Talisman tradition. Your puppy leaves here with his or her own sort of Talisman in that I have given them a name of a Patron Saint. You may use it or not. It does not matter but I gave it with love and a better soul than I watches over them.

Pneuma, Theo, Adele at their first show. The puppies were 6 months and one day old. Pneuma won the Breed, Theo went Best of Winners and Adele went Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite. Theo also won the Puppy Working Group that day and Pneuma took a Group 3 in the Working Group. All in all a good day.

Pneuma, Theo, Adele.
(Photo taken June 3, 2006)

Gatian is the biggest of the brood. At 14 months, he is taller than his father. He has 11 points including one of his majors towards his AKC Championship. We hope he will be able to finish soon. After his championship, we will be looking for a home for this boy. Gatian needs to be in a home with a family where he is their best dog.

Theo is the first champion bred at Talisman. At his first show on June 3-4, 2005, he won the Puppy Working Group both days. He earned his AKC Championship on October 27, 2005 at the age of 10 months with Frank Murphy calling him ‘Pierre’ the whole time. He is our biddable boy. I just learned that Pierre means rock or stone in French. I think Theo will be a good rock upon which to build.

Gatian & Theo
(Photo taken February 3, 2006)

Adele is the little girl who stayed home. She has 9 points including one of her majors. She is not the best in the litter and yet I could not part with her. She is my ‘heart string’ puppy.

(Photo taken December 26, 2005)

Lucie lives in West Virginia with my friend Kelly. Lucie has both her majors towards her AKC Championship, but what is really important about Lucie is that she is one of the most fun loving dogs I ever saw. I visited with her recently and she spent a significant portion of her time, dancing on her hind legs hugging people.

(Photo taken December 31, 2005)

Nicholas lives with Joe and Maryann Gentzel in Georgia. Joe tells me that he’s not sure that Nicholas will ever finish growing so in the meantime he plays with Fred the Papillon and starred in Joe’s recent Christmas Story. Joe tells me he is such a gentle, sweet boy.

(Photo taken February 3, 2006)

Adele & Randa
(Winston Salem, December 2006, 12 Months)

Gatian & Frank
(Winston Salem, December 2006, 12 Months)



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