CH Whitehope's Pneuma

Pneuma is a very special dog. He was bred by Dave and Maureen Simon of Whitehope Great Pyrenees in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. When Pneuma was 13 months old, I felt that he was worthy of earning his AKC Championship in conformation. He easily completed the requirements for his Championship. As a Class Dog, one who has not completed his championship, he also won a group placement in the working group. We let him go home and grow up some, showing him infrequently until he was 3 years old. To date has won 40 group placements, including 6 group ones and one Best In Show. I think I am proudest of his induction to the Great Pyrenees Club of America’s (GPCA) Hall of Fame as a show dog. He earned that honor in 2003 as a three year old.

Shortly after Pneuma completed his Championship, Joe Gentzel took me aside at a dog show and told me that Pneuma was a “once in a lifetime dog.” There were people who had dedicated their lives to breeding Great Pyrenees who had never produced a dog of his quality. He hoped I would appreciate having such a dog in my home. This turned out to be an easy lesson to learn.

Pronunciation: 'nü-m&, 'nyü-
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek
1 : breath, soul, spirit

Click here to watch the video of the 2007 Great Pyrenees judging at Westminster.
(Pneuma is the 1st Pyr in line.)

Pneuma wins the Working Group in July, 2006 in Greenville, SC

Pneuma wins the Working Group in December, 2006 in Winston-Salem, NC

Pneuma at The Garden

Pneuma & Rhanda

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