Health Certifcations

An important part of breeder selection is evaluating the soundness of potential breeding stock. The GPCA has begun to work with the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) to identify health issues that pertain to our breed and establish a database of test results as animals are certified.

The CHIC requirements for the Great Pyrenees are as follows:

     Hips: OFA, PennHIP, GDC or FCI
     Patellar Luxation: OFA
Health Elective (one of the following):
     OFA Thyroid
     OFA Cardiac
     OFA Elbows
     OFA Shoulder OCD
     BAER Test

Colette and Pneuma both have CHIC identification numbers. They have had hips certified both OFA and PennHIP. The Patellar OFA is complete as well as all health electives except the BAER Test.

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